A brief history of Anchorage lacrosse

Anchorage School started playing lacrosse on a competitive level in 2009 and was started by two Anchorage parents: Bill Abel and Justin Baker. A group of Anchorage School parents and students worked to develop the sport, coaching the kids, and all of the hard work down to lining the fields.  Tom Teal took over the reigns for a few years and helped to develop a a large group of players. The Anchorage Community lacrosse program has come a long way in a short time! Currently Keith Delaney has been coaching for over 7 years. The team has has success as a group, in 2018 the 3rd & 4th team made it to the city finals, runner-up for the very first time. Many students have had individual wins from being selected to play on the Louisville Kings Select club teams and several Anchorage grads going on to play in college. Ben Taylor will play next year at Bellarmine and many playing in High School. The goal of the Anchorage Lacrosse Community is to field a team at every age group and have fun doing it.  We are also excited to offer co-ed opportunities through 6th grade. 


  Anchorage Fees

Every season we put together a budget and it is 100% non profit.  The books are open to all who would like to see.  We have some league fees and some small maintenance fees -balls, cones, and really cool uniforms.  As seasons come upon us we will update this section with costs for each age group.



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